Grief & Loss Counselling

Grief and loss touch every life at some point, bringing with it them a profound sense of heartache and disorientation. The journey through grief is deeply personal, marked by a spectrum of emotions that can feel overwhelming—sadness, anger, confusion, and sometimes, relief. It’s a path that doesn’t follow a straight line but meanders, with ups and downs. As a mental health clinician dedicated to supporting individuals through grief and loss counselling, I offer you a compassionate, empathetic space where all your feelings are valid and acknowledged.

In the midst of grief, you may find yourself grappling with questions that have no easy answers, or feeling isolated in your pain. It’s important to recognize that you don’t have to navigate this journey alone. Together, we can explore the depths of your loss, understand the impact it has on your life, and begin the process of adapting to a world that looks markedly different. My approach is to meet you where you are, providing support that respects your unique experience of grief, and help you to find a way to carry your loss without being overwhelmed by it.

Therapy can be a safe harbor in the tumultuous sea of grief, offering strategies to manage the intensity of your emotions, ways to honor your memories, and pathways steps towards healing. I am here to support you in exploring your emotions and developing self-compassionate and adaptive ways of coping that help you navigate the complex emotions and challenges of grief and loss while empowering you to find meaning, healing and growth in the midst of the pain you are experiencing.