Registered psychotherapist

Shelley Sayle-Udall

Registered Psychotherapist


My name is Shelley. As a registered psychotherapist my job is to help guide YOU, to see and understand your life differently, so you can master your challenges in ways that allow you to function and feel better

As a Registered Psychotherapist I help people feel better and live happier and healthier lives. I help people reduce overwhelm & stress. I offer cognitive behavioural therapy for fear, worry, anxiety, sadness, grief, loss and depression. I offer positive parenting tips, strategies and discipline. I offer psychoeducation and support. I help people manage stress so they can feel more resilient. I offer family therapy. I am here to help you feel better and cope with life challenges.

In a world full of uncertainty & unpredictability, being in connection with others is more important now than ever

The purpose of this 20 minute phone conversation is to share what you are going through, what you would like to be different and how I am able to help you feel better.